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Origins and Progression of Sports in America

Whether you're a casual spectator or a season ticketholder, American athletics play a significant role in our culture. Join retired WKU Kinesiology, Recreation & Sport professor Dr. Randy Deere to study the role sports has played throughout our nation’s history. This is a free non-credit online course offered through a partnership between WKU Distance Learning and Dr. Deere.   “Sport plays such an important role in our society," says Deere. "We’ve designed this course to be both educational and entertaining for the diehard fan as well as the ambivalent one.” Designed as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), the course runs from September 21 through November 1. Participants will learn through historical videos, articles and manuscripts as well as through access to a discussion board to interact with fellow sports fans. To add to the fun, participants can earn badges as they complete tasks along the way.   Topics covered include:   Sports in Early America Popular Sports Breaking Barriers Olympics Notable Figures What Makes a Sport?

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